Quarantined Italians Sing From Their Balconies For Hope

The world has been hit by troubling times, as the formerly known Wuhan Virus, or COVID 19 spiralled out of control in China last November. President Xi declared that no one was sick until a Chinese whistleblower told the world different.

By the time the world knew of it, it was too late. Today, however, despite facing an officially declared pandemic, people in lockdown across Italy found it in their souls to share something beautiful.

So far, the virus that escaped Wuhan has proven fatal for some.


Flu-like symptoms make the virus difficult to trace, but a dry cough and high fever are the more common symptoms. Shortness of breath often follows quickly, and for some, pneumonia, sepsis, kidney failure and death can occur.

Despite figures being disproportionate to media footage and images, many believe that the official figure of just over 5,000 deaths is an understatement.

And things seem to be getting worse, with the UN declaring a global emergency.


Nations declaring a national emergency.

And Xi’s Chinese Communist Party even now propagating false rumours of where the virus started, threatening the US of withholding vital medications if trade bans aren’t lifted.

But everyone’s asking the same thing . . .


What’s really causing this deadly virus?

One culprit is bats, but the scientific evidence is yet to establish it as fact.


Another primary cause is said to be an accidental leak from a P4 lab in Wuhan. But evidence lacks here also.

What we do know is how the virus spreads rapidly, quickly and easily and affects the most vulnerable—the elderly.

There is immense pressure for a cure. . .


But a safe cure is at least 18 months to 2 years away. And then it’s a virus, after all. To this day, in the 21st century, there is no effective treatment against any virus—only ways to mitigate them.

As the virus from Wuhan continues to spread, economic conditions are becoming dire . . .


Multiple US states have declared a state of emergency, widespread travel bans are in place, and bans on social gatherings dominate world headlines.

The health systems of western countries are already struggling without COVID 19 cases; what will happen when things really start get worse?


Across the world, supermarket shelves are emptying. Mass hysteria is beginning to descend. The National Guard has been deployed to New York City, and everyone is going to extreme lengths to protect themselves.

And who can blame them?


There is zero public confidence in world governments.

But those in Italy, locked down across the country, have abandoned madness for hope.

From their buildings and across the streets, videos of people singing from their balconies are warming the hearts of many and raising hope that despite a mediocre leadership demonstrated by governments, the Italians hold faith.

Thousands can be heard chanting.

More sing their favourite songs.

In housing blocks of Casoria in Naples, the residents chant football songs in solidarity. “We will stay at home. Tonight the whole of Casoria are united in chorus. The people will never give up so come on Naples!”

More chant in unison. “We are all united. Come out on your balconies, out on your balconies! Come out on your balconies, out on your balconies! The virus that is facing us will not defeat us… The virus that is facing us will not defeat us!”

Very different from the screams of mercy from Wuhan balconies in February.



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